Looking For A Summer Sport? The Most Essential Single-Track Rental Gear For Newbies

Are you looking for a new sport for your summer vacation? Single-track mountain biking is a fun type of downhill biking that is very popular. Many downhill biking parks and ski resorts have single track trails during the summer. They have runs that vary in steepness, length, and difficulty. Of course, with the added adrenaline and speed of these single-track trails comes a greater fall hazard. The narrow tracks mean there is less room for error, especially when you are going fast. Read More 

The Top 7 Reasons Why Your Daughter Should Learn A Martial Art

Martial arts training isn't about violence and no longer is it considered a boys-only club. Girls have been enrolling in karate and martial arts schools for years and can benefit from the training and discipline as much as boys, if not more. The following seven reasons will convince you and your daughter that martial arts is worth a shot. Self-discipline: One of the central tenets of martial arts is self-discipline. Read More